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Producing Progress — Universal Lubricants brings innovation to oil.

Universal Lubricants is a company with a long and treasured past — with the customer needs always at the forefront of our business practices. Our company was built on bringing a new level of service and responsiveness to our customers, meeting their needs in a way no other oil company could.

Over the years, taking care of our customers' needs led to the creation of distinct products, including the Universal, flagship line that offers superb, main-line lubricants for both automotive and heavy-duty diesel engines, and Dyna-Plex 21C® heavy-duty engine oils, hydraulic oils, tractor fluids, synthetic industrial products and greases. 

In addition to developing a full range of product solutions, our proprietary laboratory offers services to support the business needs of our customers. These services help companies improve overall efficiencies, including decreased downtime, extended life of major assets, and reduced costs associated with fleet and heavy equipment use and maintenance.

Universal Lubricants is dedicated to providing solutions that meet the exact needs for each customer. Whether the concern is the age of equipment, the temperature outside or other severe conditions, our sales team will work to determine the best product and delivery solution for ease of mind.


  • Personalized Sales Support
  • Technical/Specification Assistance
  • Lubrication Surveys and Seminars
  • Preventative Maintenance Assistance
  • Timely, Professional Delivery
  • Expansive Distribution Network