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Moving towards a far more efficient energy.

Americans are all about getting from here to there. We began as a country on the move. We grew up constantly expanding our horizons, always looking for something better. But now, moving down the road is more challenging than it’s ever been.

Universal Lubricants is determined to keeping America headed in the right direction. We are extremely proud to provide high performance lubricants, made with high quality re-refined base oil, because we understand the huge and immediate difference these products make. We consider that only the first of many steps we’ll take.

Today and every day, Universal scientists are looking for ways to expand the number of sustainable products we offer. We are working to bring new thinking, processes, and delivery mechanisms to oil - in a way that is both accessible and affordable.

It’s a commitment that goes far beyond talk. As a company, we’re finding ways to more efficiently use the energy it takes us to deliver.

The packaging of our products was created not to be different, but to make a difference - in the size and weight of the containers and the energy it takes to ship them.

Every business day, we’re working in partnership with major American corporations to provide the sustainable credits they need to keep their fleets on the road and doing business.

America won’t solve its energy and environmental challenges overnight. But we will get there. We always do. Starting here.

Taking a closer look.

We continually monitor every function in our business to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint. As a result, we reduce the amount of toxins being returned into the environment.

Here are just a few of the many ways re-refined oils are making a difference, right now:

  • Re-refining technology turns a previously nonrenewable resource into a renewable one
  • Re-refining used oil requires up to 89 percent less energy than refining from virgin crude
  • Re-refining used oil releases up to 65 percent harmful emissions than refining from virgin crude
  • Every 12-gallon engine oil change that uses re-refined oils in place of a lubricant made from
    a virgin base reduces the need for 24 barrels of crude to be either extracted or imported.
  • If all 308 million Americans got an Eco Ultra oil change, we could prevent 616 million barrels
    of crude oil from being extracted from the Earth.
  • One gallon of motor oil can contaminate one million gallons of water if disposed of improperly
  • While approximately 1.3 billion gallons of oil are used in America each year, only about
    20 percent of that oil is repurposed