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“Yes. We can do that.”

Innovation is the place where challenges create the drive to achieve possibilities. The possibilities that have fueled Universal Lubricants' innovations have been determined by the wants and needs of our customers — the want of personalized, customized services; the need for heavy-duty lubricants to endure the toughest jobs and most extreme weather; and the vision of sustainable energy sources that meets the demand for oil for generations to come. And, alongside these demands is the need to make products perform while at the same time helping to protect our environment.

Universal Lubricants delivers on all fronts. Our goal is to not only give customers what they asked for, but to provide it in a way that’s practical, affordable and available today.

Answering needs. Making possibilities real. Delivering innovation today.

With Universal, I no longer have to worry about inventory. They absolutely set the bar for service in their industry.
Bob Spencer, Parts Director, Davis-Moore, Wichita, Kansas