Universal — The hard-working line we're proud to put our name on. 

The 77 products of Universal Lubricants’ signature product line are superb lubricants for both automotive and heavy-duty diesel engines. The line includes hydraulic oils, transmission fluids, tractor fluids, greases and automotive coolants. Universal Lubricants’ product lines are engineered and manufactured for all areas of industry, including heavy-duty construction, agriculture, long-haul trucking, manufacturing, and mass transit.

The Universal line includes specialty products Dexron® VI licensed automatic transmission fluid and Super XHD Synthetic 5W-30 Dexos® licensed engine oil. Dezol 15W-40 CK-4, a heavy-duty diesel engine oil, is popular with many Universal fleet and agricultural customers. Hydra 1000 hydraulic oils and Trac Gard tractor/hydraulic fluid are also proven performers.