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Our process.

Here’s a fact that might surprise a lot of drivers: Oil never wears out. It’s the additives in the oil that breakdown. And it’s why it’s essential to change the oil in any engine regularly. So if those used-up additives can be separated out, the oil itself can be used again and again – continually.

That’s what the re-refinery process in our Eco Ultra products is all about. Used oil is collected throughout the Midwest, then transferred to a re-refinery to eliminate additives and other impurities from the oil. The re-refining process includes conventional refinery technologies, beginning with vacuum distillation to dewater the oil. A wiped-film evaporation process removes all of the fuel and solvents as well as metals, asphalt flux and other heavy contaminants.

Next, a state-of-the-art hydro-treating process infuses hydrogen back into the hydrocarbon molecules, resulting in a high-quality Group II+ base oil. This oil is blended with high quality additives to create motor oil designed to protect engine performance. The base oil is also used to create automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid and heavy-duty engine oil.